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Student Health Advisory Committee   

Student Health Advisory Committee

Student Health Advisory Committee Student Health Services University of California, Riverside

The Student Health Advisory Committee provides guidance to the administration of the Student Health Services assisting in setting policy, reviewing fees, developing goals and helping to set the future direction of health services for UCR students. It also assists in the negotiations for the following year's Undergraduate Student Health Insurance Plan.

If you are interested in serving as a member of the Advisory Committee contact the director of the Health Center. The Committee is appointed during the Fall Quarter by the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs.

The Committee's by-laws follow:


student health advisory committee ucr




This committee shall be known as the Student Health Advisory Committee of the Student Health Services of the University of California, Riverside, hereafter referred to as SHAC or the Committee.


The mission of the Student Health Advisory Committee is to serve as an advisory body to the University of California, Riverside, Student Health Services representing a diverse group of campus interests in promoting the health and wellness of the UCR student enrollment. SHAC shall serve as a liaison between the student body and the administration of the Student Health Services, bringing to the forefront issues and concerns from the students.

The Committee's role includes:

  1. Representing student body concerns regarding health care at the University of California, Riverside.
  2. Serving in an advisory capacity to the administration of the Student Health Services.
  3. Overseeing the annual SHS student satisfaction survey and reviewing the results.
  4. Recommending the development and establishment of new programs.
  5. Reviewing SHS fees and advising on financial matters.
  6. Assisting in negotiating the terms of the policy of the Undergraduate Student Health Insurance Plan (USHIP) with the appropriate SHS personnel.


Voting Members
  • Graduate students
  • Undergraduate students
  • Staff representative
  • Faculty member

The proportion of graduate student voting members to undergraduate voting members shall reflect their percentages in the overall student body.

Ex-officio Non-Voting Members
  • Director, Student Health Services
  • Chief Physician, Student Health Services
  • Management Services Officer, Student Health Services
  • Health Insurance Coordinator, Student Health Services
  • Representative, International Student Resource Center
  • Representative, Counseling Center
  • Assistant Vice Chancellor Student Affairs

Composition is subject to review and can be changed with the approval of a majority of the membership of the Committee.

Selection and Appointment
  1. Student members of the Committee shall be selected by their respective governing bodies, the Associated Students (ASUCR) and the Graduate Student Association (GSAUCR). If all membership positions are not filled by the above governing bodies, the Student Health Services administration may solicit interested students from among the leadership of health-related student organizations and other organizations. Targeted outreach will be conducted to attract an international student representative and a transfer/re-entry student representative.
  2. Faculty members of the Committee shall be selected by the Academic Senate Committee on Committees with specific qualifications to be determined by said body.
  3. Administrative staff members of the Committee shall be selected by the Vice Chancellor Student Affairs.
  4. Committee members shall be appointed annually by the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs based on the selections made by the various selecting bodies.
  5. Committee members shall be appointed for one year terms.
  6. Reappointment of members shall be permitted.


  1. Qualifications: Only a student member of the Committee shall be eligible to become chair.
  2. Selection: Members shall elect the Chair by majority vote.
  3. Term of Office: Term of Office is one year ending at the start of Fall Quarter.
  4. Duties:
    1. Ensure, with the assistance of the Committee, the implementation and
    2. integrity of the Bylaws.
    3. Preside over all meetings of the Committee.
    4. Appoint all subcommittee members and other representatives with the
    5. approval of the Committee.
    6. Serve as ex-officio member of all subcommittees.
    7. Provide the initial charge of responsibilities to all subcommittees.
Vice Chair
  1. Qualifications: Only a student member may be eligible to become Vice Chair.
  2. Selection: Members shall select the Vice Chair by majority vote.
  3. Term of Office: The Term of Office shall be the same as that of the Chair.
  4. Duties:
    1. Conduct the duties of the Chair in his or her absence.
    2. Provide assistance and support to the Chair.
Other Officers
  1. Members of the Committee shall exercise their collective judgment to create any other offices they deem necessary for the fair and efficient operation of the Committee.


  1. Meetings of the Committee shall be called by the Chair at intervals deemed necessary to complete the duties of the Committee detailed in Article II.
  2. The quorum for regular meetings shall consist of four voting members.
  3. Minutes, including the date, time, place, names of members present and an accurate summary of arguments and decisions made, shall be maintained by administrative staff of the Student Health Services and provided to all Committee members or any member of the University community upon request.

Article VI: VOTING

  1. Each member shall cast only one vote.
  2. Votes will be counted during the meeting and recorded in the Minutes.
  3. Absentee votes for specific motions shall only be submitted in writing to the Chair by the close of discussion on the motion and shall be counted and announced with the completed vote. The signature of the member casting the absentee vote must appear on the absentee vote.
  4. Proxy voting shall not be allowed.


These bylaws shall be amended by a majority of the voting members.

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