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Insurance for Undergraduates 2016 - 2017

Mandatory Health Insurance

The University of California Board of Regents requires that all undergraduate students have major medical health insurance as a non-academic condition of enrollment. UCR offers an Undergraduate Student Health Insurance Plan (USHIP) to meet this requirement. The USHIP requirement can also be met by a comparable private insurance plan.

The annual cost of the mandatory Undergraduate Student Health Insurance Plan (USHIP) of $1,629.07 ($543.03 per quarter) or comparable off campus insurance, will be factored into grants, loans and work-study programs offered to students who receive financial assistance.

Students already covered by adequate health insurance can waive the requirement by submitting the waiver form to the Student Health Services.

Look what's new with SHIP (Student Health Insurance Plan) for 2016-2017.

Note: Access to USHIP benefits off-campus requires a SHS referral except in cases of emergency or outside of a 50 mile radius of campus.

Description of Benefits

  • No Lifetime Maximum (Off Campus benefits payable at 90%)
  • $200 annual deductible
  • No Pre-existing Condition Clause
  • Hospital coverage and Outpatient Surgery
  • Office Visits coverage (no co-pay on campus and $17 co-pay for off-campus specialty providers with additional PPO provider expenses covered at 90% off-campus)
  • No prescription benefit maximum (30-day supply per prescription). $5 co-pay on-campus and off-campus for generic prescriptions
  • Surgery coverage, including anesthetist and assistant surgeon (PPO provider covered at 90%)
  • Emergency room coverage (i.e., PPO covered at 90%)
  • Ambulance coverage ground and air transport
  • Laboratory coverage (no co-pay on campus, i.e., PPO provider covered at 90%)
  • Radiology coverage (no co-pay on campus, i.e., PPO provider covered at 90%)


undergraduate student insurance

  • Physical therapy co-pay of $17
  • Nervous and Mental Conditions Office Visits $17 co-pay (90% coverage PPO provider)
  • Repatriation benefit of $25,000 in accordance with federal J-1 visa requirements
  • Medical evacuation benefit of $50,000 in accordance with federal J-1 visa requirements
  • Benefits payable at 90% at Anthem Network facilities; In-network, payable at 90%; Out-of-network payable at 60%. Network: Anthem Blue Cross
  • Vision coverage, Blue View Vision
  • Dental coverage, Delta Dental

NOTE: SHIP is secondary to all other programs. For answers to questions about enrollment, policy benefits, and claims - stop by or call (951) 827-5683. Brochures are available at SHS or online at studentinsurance.wellsfargo.com/.  To access your plan coverage and insurance cards, click here.

Specific claims information can be obtained by calling UCR's Student Health Services: 951-827-5683.


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