COVID -19 Updates

How to Get Tested on Campus

  • As of 09/19/2022, please review the video below for UCR COVID-19 testing process.


Clinic Updates

COVID Screening Check

UC Riverside students are required to fill out the COVID Screening Check to report:

  • A positive COVID-19 test result
  • Covid-19 symptoms (allergies and asthma are not considered COVID-19 symptoms for this report)
  • Exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19 (exposed is defined as close contact with a known person for more than 15 minutes in a 24 hour period)
  • Completion of your required COVID-19 test (required is defined as weekly testing for those with an approved exemption or deferral, those that are not up to date with their vaccine, or are approved for early return after exposure or infection.

COVID-19 Vaccines, Booster and Verification

COVID-19 booster vaccine is required if eligible: To avoid a registration hold, students must enter vaccine dates and upload proof. Please note that it will take one hour for the COVID-19 hold to release in R' Web when full COVID-19 compliance is met. Please view COVID-19 vaccine submission tutorial below.

International Vaccines – We are only accepting International Covid-19 vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) identified by checked columns. For questions, email

Covid-19 Exemption Form Instructions

Covid-19 Exemption Process

Students may request and submit a medical exemption, disability exception, pregnancy deferment, or religious exception for the Covid-19 vaccine by visiting your patient portal and submitting the correct forms. Please watch the video above on where to locate the forms and how to upload.

COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ


Students can request a class note for COVID-19 quarantine or isolation following these steps:

  1. Report your symptoms to the UCR COVID Screening check
  2. COVID-19 Management Team will send an email that was provided with directions and dates.
  3. COVID-19 Management Team email is the class note.
  4. Provide the COVID-19 Management Team email to faculty or staff that is requesting.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Visit the CDC website for the latest COVID-19 fact sheets and guidance from the federal government, as well as access to vaccine and testing resources.


Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Contact CAPS for confidential mental health services, including virtual individual, couples', and group therapy sessions.

Phone: (951) 827-5531
Fax: (951) 827-2015

Riverside University System Public Health

Visit the public health website for the latest COVID-19 news from Riverside County and for access to testing and vaccine resources.


The Well

Reach out to The Well to request a COVID-19 wellness kit.

Instagram: @thewellucr

Wearing a mask is required when visiting Student Heath Services
All visitors, employees, and students must wear a face mask at SHS — even if fully vaccinated

Masks are still required in specific work areas, such as those working indoor childcare, youth settings, health care facilities, or while using public transit.

Masks must be made of tightly woven fabric or nonwoven materials of at least two layers

Must cover nose and mouth