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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

The Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Service is a three-year pilot funded using the UC SHIP excess reserves. The pilot will start with three campuses (UCR, UCSC, UCSD) for the first year, then adding additional campuses for year two, year three. Prior to the end of the third year, we will evaluate to determine if the service will become a benefit in the plan design. At which time, the cost will be included in the annual UC SHIP premium rate.

To request Non-Emergency Medical/Psychiatric Transportation, call (951) 827-3031. For Non-Emergency Behavioral Health appointments call (951) 827-5531.
  • What is the service?
    • Non-emergency transportation to and from scheduled medical and behavioral health appointments or pharmacy following a doctor's appointment
    • Transportation services are provided through Lyft in a car or SUV
    • 24 one-way trips per benefit year
    • Same day appointments can be scheduled, but please allow enough transport time before the start of your appointment
    • Riders are sent automatic notifications from Circulation Health based on the following actions/triggers:
      • A ride is booked for the rider
      • A previously booked ride is the next day (only if booked more than 24 hours in advance)
      • The driver has been dispatched
      • The rider has reached their destination
      • The ride has been cancelled
    • One companion may accompany the student who cannot transfer on their own to the medical appointment
  • What are the requirements?
    • All rides must be coordinated and scheduled through Student Health Services or CAPS
    • Trips are limited to 25 miles one-way, exceptions may be made up to 40 miles
    • Ride dollar warning is at $75 and maximum is $100
    • No-shows will count against the annual 24 one-way ride limit. Cancellations made more than 30 minutes prior to ride will not count against the annual 24-way ride limit
    • Driver rebooking after no show, excluded
    • Driver only waits 5 minutes for rider
    • If student misuses this service, a note of limitation can be loaded under the individual student record so that the Scheduler will no longer schedule a ride
    • If a driver is a no-show, the ModivCare system will not charge a rebooking fee
    • Driver will not be aware of the reason for the ride. No medical information is shared with the driver
  • What is excluded?
    • UC SHIP will not reimburse for Lyft rides that have not been arranged through the campus student health center or CAPS
    • Rides for dental, vision or non-medical services
    • Rerouting of driver by passenger
    • Rides exceeding 40 miles or over $100 per ride
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