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As a student, you are automatically enrolled in UCR’s Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP) and exempt from purchasing a plan on the Covered CA website or your home state exchange. SHIP meets the requirements of the Affordable Care Act, gives you nationwide coverage, and offers the big advantage of convenient, on-campus care. Find out more about SHIP.


  • SHIP provides nationwide coverage- Exchange plans or private insurance plans may not provide national coverage.
  • SHIP offers the most convenience- Students can see a doctor and nurse on campus with no out-of-pocket expense. X-rays, lab work and even prescriptions are available. With other health insurance plans, students pay out-of-pocket or will have to go off campus for covered care.
  • SHIP provides vision and dental coverage at no extra cost– With many other health plans, vision and dental coverage is EXTRA.
  • SHIP meets all the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.
  • A student can be covered by SHIP even if the family is participating in Covered CA or a home state exchange plan.

Learn more about why SHIP is a good plan.

Compare SHIP to Covered CA or home state exchange program plans.

If you waived out of SHIP, but now realize it is the best plan for your needs, you can rejoin! Simply call the Student Health Services (SHS) Insurance office at (951) 827-5683 to sign up again.

Learn more about why SHIP is a good plan

If you have insurance and wish to be exempt from the UC SHIP Plan, your insurance plan must meet the following criteria:

    1. Must provide primary care within 30 miles of campus (or your address while attending UCR).
    2. Cannot limit the amount it will pay for any injury or illness you have during your lifetime
    3. Cannot have a pharmacy deductible greater than $250 per year
    4. Cannot require you to pay out-of pocket more than $6,350 per year
    5. Cannot have a clause that excludes a pre-existing condition
    6. International Plans
      1. no reimbursement plans accepted
      2. must have claims office in the United States

Learn more about the waiver.

If your plan meets the criteria and you would like to waive SHIP, submit an online waiver form by the appropriate deadline. You only need to submit one per year. There is a $50 fee for late forms. Forms will not be accepted after the first day of instruction.

Waiver Terms

  • Fall Quarter (June 1 - September 12)
  • Winter Quarter (November 1 - December 12)
  • Spring Quarter (February 1 - March 12).

Learn more about the waiver.


UC Riverside now offers students that have opted out of the Student Health Insurance Plan an alternative for receiving URGENT SERVICES at Student Health Services: Highlander Care. Learn more here.



Mission Statement

Mission Statement The mission of the Student Health Services is to promote academic excellence, enrich the student experience and support retention by providing high quality, accessible and comprehensive medical care to students, with a focus on multidisciplinary services, health education and prevention.

Emergency/Urgent Care

Urgent Care When you're in need of after hours care you may be tempted to rush off to the emergency room (ER). But there are important differences between an urgent care center and the ER. Learn more about the difference between Emergency Care and Urgent Care.

Ebola: Stay Informed

The Ebola virus is difficult to catch and is spread through direct contact with bodily fluids from an infected person. It cannot be spread through the air. So far, there has been limited exposure to Ebola in the United States.

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