Dental Care

Dental Care



How Your Dental Coverage Works

UC SHIP has contracted with the Delta Dental Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network to accept specific fees for the services their dentists perform. Dentists who are not part of this network have not agreed to these fees. So, if you get dental care from an out-of-network provider, you will need to pay the difference between the amount UC SHIP covers and the price your dentist charges you. You can find complete plan details in the Delta Dental Benefit Booklet [PDF].

To get care, you will need to provide your Delta Dental ID number to your dentist. You can use the mobile app (see below) to access your ID number, print an ID card from the Delta Dental website, or order a card from Delta Dental Customer Service at (800) 765-6003.

Except for preventive and diagnostic services (your twice-yearly checkups and cleanings), you will pay a deductible before the plan begins to share costs with you. To learn which expenses and services are not covered, see the Delta Dental Benefit Booklet [PDF].

Finding A Dentist

The easiest way to access Delta Dental list of dentists near you and to estimate costs is to download the Delta Dental app from the App Store or Google Play.

Alternatively, you can find a Delta Dental PPO network dentist — and estimate costs for common dental procedures — using tools on the Delta Dental website or by calling Customer Service at (800) 765-6003.

What You Pay for Dental Services

As a reminder, except for the diagnostic and preventive care you get during annual checkups, you will pay an annual deductible for services before plan coverage kicks in. Certain expenses and services are excluded from coverage.

Choose Your Provider From the Correct Network

Delta Dental has many dental networks, so make sure you’re selecting a dentist from the Delta Dental PPO network. You’ll pay more if you choose a dentist from another network.


UC SHIP Dental Coverage

With dental coverage through UC SHIP, you get two regular checkups and cleanings with a Delta Dental PPO dentist every year — at no cost to you.

Learn more about Dental coverage for students enrolled in UC SHIP provided by Delta Dental.

  • Personalized estimates
  • Cost comparisons of your most-recent dentist to other PPO dentists in the area
  • Shows where you are with your deductible and annual maximums
  • Pulls your current utilization, including deductible and annual maximum, to provide the most accurate costs
  • Can be used from the mobile app or on a computer

 If you have questions about your dental coverage, contact Delta Dental customer service at (800) 765-6003.