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Travel Clinic

At this time, Student Health Services (SHS) is unable to process clearances for COVID-19 related reasons for students who are out of state. Please check with your local health department if you are out of state for further assistance. Until SHS can resume health clearances through our travel clinic, please contact the Education Abroad office for information on how you can obtain your clearance.

SHS offers personalized nurse travel consultations for students traveling abroad. Schedule your appointment with the travel clinic at least six to eight weeks before departure, when possible.

Travel consultations include:

  • Review of required and recommended immunizations based on your personal history of immunizations, itinerary, and trip activities.
  • Review of prescriptions as needed for prophylaxis such as traveler's diarrhea, malaria, altitude illness prevention.
  • Advice regarding safe food and water practices, prevention of illnesses, health and safety precautions.
  • Detailed, computerized traveler’s report that is personalized and country specific based on your itinerary.

All University of California Education Abroad students must follow UCR Education Abroad requirements for clearance. Please begin this process as early as possible — especially if you are also followed by a medical specialist and/or mental health provider. Since many immunizations must be given a number of weeks prior to travel, we recommend scheduling your travel clinic visit at least six to eight weeks before your departure.

Please make sure to have completed these required steps prior to scheduling appointments for travel:

  1. Complete the appropriate travel course.
    • UCEAP students must complete UCEAP Health and Safety Course and save the certificate to be uploaded to your patient portal. (It will take approximately 60 minutes to complete.)
    • FLEAP, OAP, and ALL other students including personal travel must complete the UC Abroad Risk and Safety Training  and save a screenshot of the test completion and score to be uploaded to your patient portal. (It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.)
  2. Complete your confidential health form if traveling in any UCEAP, FLEAP or OAP programs and upload a copy of your completed form.
  • UCEAP students need to complete the UCEAP Confidential Health History form they received from the UCR Education Abroad office.
  • FLEAP and OAP students need to complete the Confidential Health History form they received from the UCR Education Abroad office.

3. All Travelers complete all of the following in the patient portal

  • Log into patient portal, scroll to find Download/Upload Forms Tab.
  • Scroll to find “Travel Documents Required”. Download the Travel Questionnaire and upload completed questionnaire as instructed in patent portal

4. Please upload in "Travel Documents Required"

  • Completed travel questionnaire
  • The travel course certificate or test completion screenshot with score
  • A copy of the completed Confidential Health History form if a UCEAP, FLEAP, or OAP traveler
  • A copy of immunization records

5. EAP Travelers

  • Scroll to find "Travel Documents EAP" to complete Confidential Health History form

Appointment 1: $40
Travel nurse consultation to include personalized travel report, review of immunization record and recommendation of immunizations, review of Confidential Health History, and review of country- and/or university-specific health forms or clearances that may be required.

Appointment 2: $25
Travel vaccinations or any necessary follow-up deemed required, but not performed, in first visit.

Appointment 3: $25
Physical by a provider (MD, DO, NP, or PA) and receipt of final clearance.

After uploading your completed travel course certificate, required health history form and immunization records in the patient portal, please call (951) 827-3031 to schedule an appointment with the travel clinic nurse. Thank you.



Vaccines and Medications

All vaccines, including travel vaccines, are offered at our travel clinic. It is important to get vaccinated at least four to six weeks before you plan to travel in order to give the vaccines time to start protecting you and to allow adequate time for you to complete vaccines that require more than one dose. Medications are also discussed to ensure safe and healthy travel. Some travel destinations may require prescriptions.

Vaccinations prices will vary based on the cost of purchasing the vaccine.

A Note to Students from Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
Students often present at CAPS requesting clearance to study abroad. Generally speaking, students are encouraged to seek services as soon as mental health concerns arise. Students who need a clearance form signed to study abroad are encouraged to present their request to their CAPS clinician at the earliest possible moment. Please note that CAPS clinicians can only sign off on clearance forms for students with whom they have established a professional relationship and who they know well enough, in a clinical sense. Please also note for this reason clearance forms for studying abroad cannot be signed off on during a same-day/walk-in visit.