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How to submit UC Immunization Requirements

To complete the online immunization record and answer the TB screening questionnaire, you will need to log into the patient portal. To begin the process for completing the health requirements you will need to gather any records and documents regarding your immunizations to fill out and complete the online form. These records/documents will then need to be uploaded into the patient portal. Records submitted by email will not be reviewed or acknowledged. Only online submission via the patient portal will be accepted. If you are unsure what the requirements are, refer back to the immunization requirement table on the Immunization Requirements webpage.

 Preparing for Immunization Compliance (Video)

Please review the video tutorials and this PowerPoint for step-by-step instructions on how to submit your immunization compliance records.

Before submission, have all immunization records available for comparison to UC requirements. If requirements are not met based on immunizations already received, speak to your medical provider about having the immunizations or having titers to check for immunity. (Titers are blood tests that check your immune status to diseases.)

Please translate any immunization record that is not in English and submit original record within the patient portal.

Verification of your immunization records can take several weeks based on the number of students submitting records. We appreciate your patience. You do not need to contact us once you submit your records and complete your online forms, unless you receive a secure message requesting additional documentation.

If you have questions about meeting immunization requirements, please refer to the FAQ. If you have additional questions not covered in the FAQ, please email immunization@ucr.edu. Do not attach records to your email, instead submit them in the secure student portal.

Immunization Mandate Forms

The Tuberculosis (TB) Medical Clearance Form can be downloaded and used as treatment verification for those who had a positive TB test. 

Students with medical exemptions to the required vaccinations must have their medical provider complete and sign the Medical Exemption Request form. This form can also be found under “Downloadable Forms” in the patient portal.

To request a medical exemption for the flu vaccine, download the Medical Exemption Request Form and submit it through the Patient Portal.

For more information regarding the flu mandate please review the Flu requirement Q&A  and the Executive Order from the UC Office of the President.