Highlander Care

Highlander Care for Basic Medical Services

Health Worker

Now that you have successfully waived out of the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) you can enroll or cancel Highlander Care at the beginning of any quarter, by sending an email to An email confirming your request will be sent to you.

UC Riverside now offers students that have opted out of the Student Health Insurance Plan an alternative for receiving urgent services at Student Health Services.

All other services at Student Health are offered at the standard student price.

For $88 per quarter, Highlander Care offers the following basic care listed below. All other services at Student Health Services are offered at the standard student price.

  • Two Primary care office visits with physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses per quarter.
  • Nurse Triage visits
  • In-House Labs:

    UA Dip with reflex
    CBC and manual diff
    Sed Rate (ESR)
    Rapid Strep lab test
    Influenza A & B lab test
    Urine HcG
    Vaginal Wet Prep
    GC/CHL cultures only; fee for urine PCR (QUEST)
    Urine Culture M-TH
    Gram Stain
    Fecal Occult Blood
    Chem Panel *when required for urgent care of acutely ill patient

  • Procedures

    Ear Lavage
    Nebulizer with meds
    Flourescein Eye Exam
    X-Ray: All images covered; student pays $14 radiology consult fee


    Highlander Care Does NOT include:

    • Preventative health visits/annuals (these are part of covered benefit for any ACA plan)
    • Durable Medical Equipment
    • Medications injected during the course of care at SHS (Rocephin, intralesional steroids, etc)
    • IUD or Depoprovera Insertion (covered by ACA plans)
    • Visits with a specialist (gyn, psychiatry)
    • Travel visits by nurses or providers
    • Labs sent to quest and the handling fee for labs sent to Quest
    • X-Ray interpretation
    • Colposcopy