Doctor writes out a referral


Referrals Information

UCSHIP referrals remain valid for 11 months from the date of authorization. You must obtain an approved referral before seeking any services, as UCR SHS cannot process post-service or retroactive referral requests.

Within a 50-mile radius from campus (excluding emergency room, urgent care, pediatrician, obstetrician, gynecologist, and LiveHealth Online visits), you must get a Student Health Services (SHS) referral for off-campus care. Contact your UCR SHS Primary Care Provider for



Please be aware that any treatment related to the diagnosed condition written on the referral will be covered. When scheduling appointments outside of UCR SHS or CAPS, remember that you may have a patient responsibility depending on the chosen tier structure for your care. For a detailed breakdown of these fees, please see the Medical Plan Benefit Summary

Need a Medical Referral to a Specialist?

1. Schedule an appointment with your UCR SHS Primary Care Provider (PCP).
2. If medically necessary, your PCP will issue a referral.
3. Approved referrals can be viewed/printed on the Patient Portal.

Please note that only actively enrolled UC SHIP students require PCP referrals for specialist care outside The UCR SHS Center. Non-SHIP students should coordinate care with their private insurance provider.


You can contact the UCR SHS Referral Department at 951-827-3031 or log in to the Patient Portal and click on ‘New Message Referral Question.’