Eligibility & Fees

Who is eligible for services at the Student Health Services?

Currently registered students with the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP):

  • Students with the UC Riverside SHIP will not be charged for a visit to Student Health for injury or illness. The office visit fee, lab fees, X-rays and procedure fees will be paid 100% by SHIP. There is a prescription co-pay ranging from $5 - $25 depending on the medication, for any medications filled at the Student Health pharmacy.
  • There may be fees for any services that are not a result of an injury or illness. For example, laboratory tests that are not medically indicated, but are requested by the patient.

Currently registered students with private insurance:

  • Students who do not have the SHIP will be charged for visits, lab fees, X-rays, and procedures just as they would at any doctor’s office.
  • The Student Health Services does not bill private insurance companies, but we do provide patients with a clear invoice which they may submit to their insurer for reimbursement.

Students from Other University of California Campuses

  • UC students from other campuses pay the same fees as non-SHIP UCR students. Payment is due at the time of service.

Currently registered ESL Students:

  • ESL students with the ESL health insurance plan will pay their share of their fees at the time of the visit. The remainder will be billed directly to the UCR ESL insurance plan.


Methods of Payment

The Student Health Services accepts payment via

  • posting charges to the student's R'Web account
  • credit card (MasterCard and Visa)


(Due to privacy concerns, this email cannot be used to correspond with a doctor or nurse. Please direct any health-related questions and concerns to (951-827-3031).